2018 Best Water Purifier India (UPDATED 5 mins Ago)

There was a time in human existence when everyone had access to clean and crisp water but it has been ages now. There are many factors like misuse of water resources growing population and industries degrade and deteriorate the quality of water with time. It can be physical impurities like dust, bad color or odor, biological contamination like virus and bacteria and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). These impurities simply put your health and life in danger. It is impossible to find the natural purest form of water that is H2O.

The value of clean water is unquestionable. Water purifiers do not only fulfill your requirement of clean drinking water but provides you with a clean supply of water for rinsing of vegetables, cleaning fruits, brewing tea or coffee and preparing meals.

With the increasing water pollution, installing a water purifier in your home has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The traditional water cleaning methods are not sufficient to maintain the quality of water and that is why we need water purifiers. Here are 10 top reasons that clearly state the importance best water purifier for you.

  • Lowers the risk of cancer: Water resources near factories or other industrial areas contain chemicals that if exposed to human body can lead to cancer. Eliminating these kinds of chemicals and toxins from water reduces the risk of getting cancer from water.
  • Improved Flavor: There are toxins that will not only affect your health but the flavor and taste of water as well. A few added contaminants lead to an unpleasant or metallic taste. A good purifier removes all the unwanted flavors from the water and allows you to drink it without even boiling.
  • Reduction in chlorine levels: If water has chlorine dissolved in it, it may lead to severe health issues like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, asthma and birth defects. Using an appropriate water purifier lowers the risk of these diseases and keeps you and your family safe. It improves the overall quality of life.
  • Convenient to use: Using a water purifier is much more convenient to use as compared to other traditional methods of purifying water. Boiling water takes much time and especially when you need large amount of water. This purification method enables you to get rid of water without creating much mess.
  • Solution to plumbing contaminants: Water running in old pipes of old homes is at high risk of getting contaminated from the dirty insides of the pipe. It introduces copper and other contaminants into your drinking water. Even if the local water is treated, it will get contaminated from the water supply system of your home. Purifying water treats all such contaminants and toxins.
  • Lower bacteria levels: A few bacteria are exposed to human body through water only, E coli is an example. A few bacteria might cause mild symptoms but others can be a threat to life especially for children or adults who have low immunity problems. Water purifiers free your drinking water from these potentially dangerous bacteria.
  • Cost Saving: A few keep on buying bottled water in order to avoid normal the local supply but it only adds up to your significant cost. There is no guarantee of bottled water being pure. Investing in a water purifier is more considerable as you will use it in long term and it guarantees you pure water for many years. It will ultimately help you in saving money in long term.
  • Decreased carbon footprint: A good water purification system helps in reducing carbon footprint. It reduces the use of plastic water bottles at homes which harm the environment in many ways. The plastic bottles sat in landfills and damage the environment through carbon emissions when they travel from one place to another.
  • Healthier pets and plants: Water purifiers help your pets and plants in the similar way they help you. It prevents the exposure of plants to various pollutants and contaminants that might affect their health. Also, it ensures a good health for your plants. Overall, it is beneficial for a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Easy to maintain: Water purifiers are easy to maintain in any way. Their running cost is quite lower.

Top 10 water Purifiers in India

“Which is the best water filter?”  With so many water filters around, it is not easy to choose the best water filter. We have enlisted top 10 water purifiers in India in this review. Read on to take a look.

  1. HUL Pure it mineral RO + UV 6 liter water purifier

The electrical water purifier from Hindustan Unilever works on modern technology and provides a delightful experience. This water purification system is designed for Indian homes in particular. All the water that enters the purifier passes through RO and UV layer to maintain the health of your family. The purifier is well-known for its ultimate specifications.

The water purifier is made from food grade, non-toxic plastic. The advanced 6-stage water purification system of the water purifier works on a combination of both RO and UV technology. The 6-stages include Pre-sediment filter, Pre-RO Carbon filter, Mini Filter, Reverse Osmosis Filter, Micro filtration membrane and post RO-carbon.

The best water purifier in India also adds minerals to the water post filtration. It filters around 9-12 liters of water in an hour and provides 6-liter storage capacity. The water level indication facility is available for last three liter.

The advanced voltage fluctuation guard of the water purifier provides protection against any sudden voltage fluctuation. It can tackle with voltage as high as 280 VAC and as low as 110 VAC. You will be surprised to know that it removes around 1 cr virus from 1 liter of water.

The compact water purifier weighs around 7.3 kg. It uses a 24 VDC diaphragm pump which runs on 55 watt of power. The purifier is known to reduce TDS by minimum 90%.


  • 6 liter water capacity is ideal for a small family.
  • It can work with all sources of water.
  • 100% water passes through both the membranes.


  • It is a highly priced water purifier that can badly affect your budget.
  • Waste water is always there.
  1. Kent Grand Plus 8-Liter Mineral RO+UV/UF with TDS controller water purifier

Kent grand plus water purifier provides double purification system for the water. It maintains the essential nutrients of water by using RO+ UV+ UF technology along with TDs controller. As its name, it has a grand water storing capacity of 8 liters which allows you to drink water anytime and entertain your guests too.

This particular model from Kent is NSF and WQA certified. This certification assures that the water purifier is rigorously tested and it meets almost all the requirements of testing standards.

One of the top 10 water purifier, Kent grand plus is capable of purifying the water that enters the purifier disrespect of the source it comes from (tap-water, tank or bore wells).

The purifier is constructed from food-grade ABS plastic which is highly durable and ensures a long life. The filter runs on automated technology and does not need any manual help. It includes a filter change alarm and a UV fail alarm to notify the users about the damage. This is a unique feature.

In this water purifier, filtration is a 7-step process which includes: sediment filter, activated carbon filter, RO filtration, Ultra filtration, TDS controller, Ultraviolet filtration and post carbon filter.

The Company has fitted all the components with push technology so that there could be no leakage or wastage of water.


  • With all three filtration techniques RO + UV + UF, Kent grand plus is a value for money project.
  • Water-level indicator helps you to read the level of water.
  • The ROTM technology ensures the presence of required minerals.


  • A good amount of water gets wasted during filtration process.
  1. Kent ACE Mineral 7L RO UV water purifier

Kent ACE mineral is an ideal water purifier. It works on double purification system and provides pure water with great taste. This particular model from Kent has an attractive and compact design. It is so sleek and portable that you can keep it anywhere in your kitchen. It guarantees you the healthiest, cleanest and most hygienic water for your family.

Made from ABS food-grade tank, Ace works on 6-step filtration technology and stores approximate 7 liter water for you. The tank is detachable and can be easily cleaned onsite. This amount of water is good enough for a small family.

The 6-stage filtration technology includes sediment filter, activated carbon filter, RO filtration, Ultra filtration, TDS controller and ultra violet filtration. The TDS controller keeps all the essential nutrients required for human body intact.

Kent ACE is certified from NSF, ISI and WQA which assures that it is rigorously tested and can purify water coming from any source either it is bore well, tap water or water from tanks. Its purification capacity is 15 liters/ hour. The fully automatic water purifier need s no manual assistance. It indicates when there is time to change the filter. There is an alarm that indicates you the malfunctioning of UV membrane. The water purifier has built in SMPS technology that easily deals with voltage fluctuation.

All the electrical and mechanical parts of the filter are backed up with 1 year of warranty. The carbon and post-carbon filter are loaded with a warranty of 6 months.


  • The compact design of the water purifier is highly appreciable.
  • 7-liter storage is ideal for small families.


  • Water wastage is a major issue.
  1. Livpure Glo 7-litre RO + UV + Mineralizer water purifier

Livpure, the popular range of water purifiers comes from the house of a leading brand, Luminous. The brand is India’s largest company owned RO service network.

A tough competition to the already existing models in the market, Livpure Glo 7 is one of the best purifiers in India. This rich RO + UV + Mineralizer assure a healthy and sustainable life to you and your family. With a storage capacity of 7 liters, it purifies water at the rate of 12 liter per hour. It can even purify the highest polluted water and convert it in its natural form.

The elegant and sleek design of the water purifier let it fit easily in any corner of the kitchen. The fully stylish water purifier indicates the maximum water level. Installation of this water purifier is a simple process. Just fix it near a water outlet and the fresh and pure water will be readily available.

The working of this water purifier is based on the 6-stage advance purification system. The 6 purification cartridges are sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, absorber, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, silver impregnated post carbon filter and mineral cartridge.

The water purifier is capable enough to work up to the TDS level of 1500 ppm.

Moreover, the customer care service of Livpure is readily available all 365 days of the year. Moreover, the purifier is loaded with a warranty of 1-year.


  • The 6-stage filtration technology of the water purifier provides you with the cleanest and purest form of natural resource.
  • The beautiful design is sleek and compact.
  • It retains all the natural minerals of the after even after the purification process.


  • There is no alert for filter change.
  1. Blue Star Majesto 8-liter (RO UV)

Blue Star Majesto 8 liter water purifiers can be a big step to quench your thirst of getting cleanest and purest water for your family. The 8L storage capacity of the electrical water purifier is more than sufficient for a medium-sized family. The water purifier works on the combination of two technologies: Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet Filtration.

Blue star Majesto 8-liter water purifier passes water through 6-step purification system to clean it potentially. The six different layers are RO purification, Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) and Copper embedded activated carbon. All these elements help in removing impurities, micro-organisms, heavy metals and radioactive materials. ATB maintains the pH level of water. Activated carbon removes volatile organic compounds and bad odor. A UV lamp and a post-carbon filter are also a part of it.

The aesthetically pleasing design of the purifier will leave you stun. The sleek and stylish filter is a piece of real beauty. You will fall in love with it the moment you will see it.

There is another important feature which prevents kids from messing out with water and scattering it all around. It is the child lock feature.

The total water purification capacity of this water filter is many folds when compared to normal filters available in the market. This figure may surprise you but it can filter around 285 liter of water each day. The purifier comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The indicator indicates when the tank is full of water.
  • It is suitable for water of high TDS.


  • The amount of rejected water is too high.
  • There is no filter changing alarm in the water purifier.
  1. Kent Smart 7-liter Non-electric UF water purifier

If you are living in a place where power cuts are more common, Kent smart non-electric UF water purifier is the best one can buy. The purifier not only kills bacteria and virus but filters the cysts present in the water to provide you safe and clean drinking water. As it comes from the house of Kent, it is the most effective water purifier one can get.

This smart RO purifier is a hassle free kitchen appliance. It purifies water by UF technique. The UF membrane of the RO contains layers of sediment, activated carbon and a highly efficient UF layer.

The transparent plastic construction of the RO makes it look attractive. Being transparent, it gives you a view of crystal clear water. Moreover, the water tank is unbreakable in nature.

Durable in nature, this water purifier is suitable for low TDS water levels. It has a water storage capacity of 7-liters but can readily provide water after that as well.

The working of this offline water purifier is a totally automatic operation which helps you in saving time. Cleaning and maintaining this water purifier is not a big deal. The water storage tank is detachable and you can clean it anytime.

Kent Smart non-electric water purifier works silently and do not create any kind of disturbance at odd times. The push fit components of the purifier assure a leakage proof supply of water.

The best part about this filter is it does not use any chemical to clean the water.


  • You can easily accommodate it in your budget.
  • There is a water level indicator.


  • It is suitable for low TDS levels only.
  1. Aqua guard Enhance RO 7L water purifier

Aqua guard Enhance, a water purifier with versatile features and beautiful looks maintains the health and hygiene of your family. Aqua guard Enhance from the house of Eureka Forbes is loaded with advanced features that let you choose your desired purification technology either it is RO, UV/UF.  You can change the purification technology depending upon the quality of water of your area.

The water purifier has a special i Filter that filters dust, dirt, mud and sand from water. The Chemi block removes excess chlorine and organic impurities. It also removes bad taste and odor by adsorbing it. The mineral guard technology of the purifier assures you to provide water in its healthiest form. It does not let the essential nutrient like magnesium and calcium deplete and retains them in their original state.

The Reverse Osmosis cartridge of the purifier performs the function of reducing TDS, hardness, pesticide affect and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury. It also eliminates different microorganisms like bacteria, virus, cysts and protozoa. The taste enhancer cartridge enhances the natural taste of water making it crystal clear.

The dual water purification technology of this water purifier is very interesting. RO removes the solids dissolved in the water improving its quality and UV kills the bacteria and virus present in it making it safe to drink.

The ultra-tech water purification system is accommodated in a close-packed design. ss


  • Aqua guard enhance RO is quite appealing and perfectly suits modern or Italian kitchens.
  • It is quite convenient to use.


  • Customer care service of the Company is really pathetic.
  1. Eureka Forbes Aqua sure Nano RO 4-liter water purifier

Aqua sure Nano RO 4-liter water purifier is an ideal choice for small families. The white water purifier assures you healthiest and cleanest water. It works on 5-stage filtration technology which removes all the bacteria, virus and excessive solids from the water. Being sleek and compact, the water purifier can be kept on your kitchen counter or can be mounted on wall as well.

Eureka Forbes Nano water purifier always works on power saver mode. It automatically shifts to standby mode after sitting idle for 10 minutes. It has a built-in power surge protector too. The TDS (Total dissolved Solids) removal process of this water purifier is very efficient and it makes sure that essential nutrients are not removed.

The water purifier works on a power level of 230 V, removes sediments and chemicals and enhances the taste of purified water. Its UV protection technology kills all the germs and bacteria. The cartridge of Aqua sure Nano has the capacity of purifying up to 6000 L of water.

The 4L water tank of the purifier is made from food grade, non-toxic plastic. It is equipped with manual flush facility which does not let water overflow. It is loaded with one-year warranty.


  • The 5-stage purification technology provides you with healthiest and cleanest water.
  • The built-in power surge assures about its long life.
  • It works on power-cuts as well because it uses minimum power of 230 V.


  • This water purifier is a little wonder. No con is known yet.
  1. A.O. Smith Z6+Hot 48-Watt RO Water purifier

AO smith water purifier can be a perfect choice to match your kitchen and lifestyle.  The hi-tech water purifier gives you a major convenience of warm and hot water at one press of a button. The working of AO Smith water purifier is based upon RO + SCMT technology. It removes all the harmful substances from the water and adds minerals you require for a healthy life.

SCMT is an additional purification stage which prevents microbial contamination after water is purified. It ensures you the healthiest water. Its 7S purification technology means that water is passed through a total of 7 layers- pre filter + sediment filter + Pre carbon filter + RO Membrane + mineralizer technology + Silver activated post carbon + SCMT. It filters 100% water and no water is wasted during the process.

The storage capacity of the filter is 10 liters. It is more than sufficient for an average sized family. The water indicator tells you about the quantity of water in a glance only.

The water purifier is built in this way that it can be put on the kitchen counter or mounted on a wall. The most unique feature of this purifier is that it gives you access to hot water in a single touch whether you need water for a cup of tea or coffee or for soaking lentils.

AO Smith water purifier’s membrane is insured for 2 years. The advanced digital display system keeps you updated about the temperature of the water, tank full, auto flush and other services as well.


  • The filtration quality and taste of water is excellent.


  • The lid of the water tank is not air tight.
  • You cannot empty the tank 100%. 15% of water always remains there.
  1. LG WW18OEP 8-liters water purifier

Easy access to good tasty water, LG water purifier is first RO purifier of its kind. On the first place water tank of the purifier is made of stainless steel. Secondly, it works on most unique technology – Digital Sterilizing Care system. The ideal technique is capable of tackling most common problems of bad odor, unpleasant taste and unhygienic water filters.

The purification process of this filter includes three basic steps: True filtration (RO filtration only), True Preservative (Stainless steel tank that protects in dual way) and True Maintenance (Digital Sterilizing Care). It is probably the best RO purifier you will come across.

LG 8-litre water purifier’s RO membrane is expert in removing heavy metals, micro-organisms and ionic substances. It protects you from water-borne diseases by providing the purest form of water.

There is a mineral cartridge for adding minerals that are essential for your body. The taste of water is much better than before. It also provides you separate water for washing fruits and vegetables.

The stainless steel water tank of the purifier reduces the growth of algae and bacteria in purified water dramatically. It ensures that the water stored in a stainless steel tank is far more hygienic and safe than conventional storing tanks.

Other than that, the water purifier includes a UV LED system which passes rays through water stored in the tank giving it a high level of sterilization. It is a 75 minutes process which is repeated every 6 hours. This innovative digital sterilization method is far more effective and safer than traditional methods because it does not include any chemicals. There is another valve in the water purifier that ensures you to provide clean water for washing fruits, vegetables and your personal hygiene.

The 8 liter storage capacity of the purifier is good enough for a medium to large sized family.


  • The water purifier includes updated techniques like filter change indicator, UV sterilizing indicator and water level indicator.


  • You need to pay a fixed AMC (Annual Maintaining Cost) which is not pocket friendly.

Aqua guard RO water purifier and filter price list

Aqua guard water purifiers are regarded as most reliable and safe appliance that guarantees you safe drinking water throughout your life. When it comes to aqua guard water purifier price, you will find that the prices of the brand are quite nominal in accordance to the latest features they possess.

Most of the aqua guard water purifiers employ a combination of different techniques. A few possess reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet protection and thoroughly removes all the germs and contaminants while others also include additional features like self cleansing pump, mineralizer etc.

The difference between the features of different water purifiers can be marked from Aqua guard RO water purifier price list.

Although the market is over flooded with various brands of water purifier’s, aqua guard filter price says it all. The brand is ruling the market since many years just because of its competitive prices.

The prices of the brand are reviewed on regular basis and you can have access to them by checking aqua guard RO water price list.

Top 5 water purifier for Home

Most of the times, when you go out to shop a product, you end up buying one which is eye catchy. Most of the people do not go through the specification of the product and whether it suits your requirement or not and fail miserably. This review includes the best water purifier in India for home use.

HUL Pure it Classic RO + MF water filter, 5 litres

A product from Hindustan Liver, HUL Pure it classic is an electric purifier with a large enough storage tank. It filters water with the help of its 6-stage filtration. This 6-stage filtration includes RO and MF layers. It ensures you to provide drinking water “as safe as boiled water”. In the first stage the RO filter removes all the excessive total solid dissolves (TDS) and makes it tastier to drink. After that, the water is passed through pre-sediment layer and gets free of coarse particles, impurities and dirt. All the chemical, organic impurities and harmful pesticides are removed in next process. The bad taste and odor is also removed in this step.

Dissolved salts and heavy metals like lead and arsenic are removed in next step. MF (Microbial Filter) is the fifth stage and it removes all the micro organisms like protozoa, virus or bacteria to make water hygienic for drinking. Pre-carbon filter, the last stage enhances its taste and deodorizes it completely.

The best water purifier for home is capable of purifying water with TDS as high as 1800. The storage tank contains around 5 litres of water and serves you even in the absence of electricity. Other than that, the RO system can purify 9-12 litres of water per hour. The tap of this water purifier is break resistant.


  • The price of this water purifier is very good.


  • Water rejection rate is too high in this purifier though it can be reused.

HUL Pure it Ultima RO + UV Water Purifier

A great design and a nice product, HUL Pure it ultima serves you with clean and pure drinking water. The RO technique makes water suitable for drinking and UV kills all the bacteria and germs. The TDS controller of the water purifier adds minerals to it and makes it tastier.

The construction and design of the machine is so simple that even a kid can easily operate it. It is constructed in such a way that it can purify water from any source. The 6-stage water purification system of the purifier removes dead bacteria, total dissolved solids (TDS) and hardness including chemicals and heavy metals. This water filter for home has water storage capacity of 10 litres which can easily serve big family and can entertain their guests well. The auto-start feature of the purifier restores water every time you take water from it.

Essential minerals are automatically re added to the drinking water that is removed in RO process. There is an LED indicator which indicates you about the replacement of germ kit 15 days prior. It also indicates if there is any kind of electric fault. The purifier also comes with a child lock protection system so that children do not play with it.


  • The best water purifier for home use is known to remove 10 million viruses in 1 litre of water.
  • The Company provides good customer care support.
  • It purifies around 15 litres of water per day.


  • It is litreally a bit expensive to maintain.
  • The purifier stop working at the time of power cut.

Kent Supreme RO + UV/UF + TDS water purifier

Known as World’s first less water wastage RO, Kent supreme is best suited for homes and offices. It works well with different kind of water resources either it is tap water, brackish water or municipal corporation supply. The conventional RO save 20% of water and rejects rest 80%.

The computer controlled system of the best purifier for home use saves up to 50% of water.

Kent Supreme water purifier use modern purification technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO), UV and UF to serve you with clean water.

It stores rejected water in a separate tank so that you can later use it for mopping, washing and cleaning purposes. The potable water tank has a storage capacity of 9 litres. It can filter around 15 litres of water per hour and a maximum of 75 litres per day.

Another key feature is that it purifies raw water and then TDS controller adds essential required minerals to it. The main filter consist different filtration membranes: sediment, activated carbon, post carbon and carbon black.

The water storage tank of this purifier is made from ABS plastic which is non-toxic and food grade. This plastic ensures durability and long life of the tank.


  • The RO UV water purifier works on patented Kent technology.
  • 15 L/ hour water purification capacity is too good.


  • The size of the water purifier is too big for a regular kitchen.

Tata Swachh non-electric smart 15-litres Gravity Based water Purifier

This non-electric water purifier from the house of Tata is a smarter way to get clean and pure drinking water. It has a sturdy and translucent body available in many beautiful colors. You can choose one that suits your kitchen. It is so compact like a vase that you can keep it just anywhere you want. It is probably the best water purifier in India for home.

Though the working of this water purifier is almost similar to that of RO but the difference lies in the need of power. This is a non-electric model and does not need electricity at all.

The water purifier has the capability of removing 100 crore bacteria and 1 crore virus from 1 litres of water. The easy to clean and easy to assemble product Tata purifier is internationally acclaimed for its superior performance.

Tata swachh purifier consists a bulb that performs the function of purification. The cartridge has a longer life and the bulb can purify approximately 15000 litres of water. The total storing capacity of the purifier is 15 litres.

This purifier works on silver nano technology and removes all the cysts and microorganisms from the water. It also removes the effect and presence of heavy metals like arsenic from the water. The recommended life of this water purifier is 1 year and you need to change cartridge after that.


  • The auto off mechanism of this purifier is appreciable.
  • It is easy to clean and easy to assemble as well.
  • The built of this product is quite beautiful.


  • There is no RO, no UV and no UF.

Kent Pearl 8L Mineral RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

A patented model from Kent, Kent pearl RO + UV + UF water purifier works on double purification ROTM technology. The purifier removes all the dissolved impurities, chemicals and micro organisms. At the end it provides 100% safe, clean and healthy water that is ideal for human consumption.

The water purifier has a storage capacity of 8 litre and provides you with clean water whenever you want. It is appropriate for a medium-sized family. The TDS controller enhances the taste of the water by adding essential minerals like sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Kent pearl is a rigorously tested water purifier and is certified by NSF and WQA. It is eligible of purifying water coming from any water source like bore wells, tank or tap water. It also contains a high power UV lamp that deactivates all the bacteria, virus and protozoa from the water and makes it 100% pure.

The outer body of the water purifier is constructed from ABS plastic. This plastic is food grade and toxin free and ensures durable and long life.

Kent pearl consist of two unique features: one is the presence of filter change alarm and second is UV fail alarm. Both of these alarms notify the user about the failure of water filter for home so that one can get is maintained immediately.


  • The water purifier machine operates freely without any manual interference.
  • All the components are snapped in the purifier and there is no leakage in it.


  • The customer care service of the Company is very poor.

Top 5 Best RO water Purifiers

The full form of RO is Reverse Osmosis. In this technology a semi-permeable membrane removes the ions, larger particles or dissolved particles from the water. The process is driven by chemical potential difference. We have enlisted top 5 water purifiers in this review.

Eureka Forbes Aqua guard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

An appropriate product from the house of Eureka Forbes aqua guard, Crystal plus UV water purifier is built for purifying water with low TDS. Low TDS water is that which does not taste salty. The stunning European looks of RO UV water purifier adds on to the aesthetics looks of your kitchen. It provides a class to your kitchen and home.

The unique e boiling+ technique of the best RO water purifier eliminates all the bacteria, virus and other micro organisms and purifies water till its last drop. The final product is as safe as if water is boiled for 20 minutes.

Aqua Guard possesses its advanced mineral guard technology which removes all the heavy metals like lead and new age contaminants like pesticides. During all this process, it retains the natural minerals and flavor of water.

There is a purity sensor in the RO system that keeps the purity intact and shuts down at once if any error is detected. So, either it will be safe water or no water.

The water purifier works on auto shut-off feature. The UV lamp automatically shuts off if the machine remains inactive for 10 minutes. It helps you in saving electricity and enhances the life of UV lamp.

The back flush feature of the water purifier enables you to empty the water tank and removes stagnated water completely.


  • It provides us with the most hygienic and purest form of water.
  • It is compact and attractive.


  • The customer care service of the Company is poor.

Eureka Forbes Aqua sure from Aqua Guard Designa 25-watt UV water purifier

Eureka Forbes Aqua Sure Designa model works on 3 most advanced water purifying techniques: RO, UV and TDS regulator. The TDS regulator of the purifier allows you to adjust the taste of water depending upon its source.

One of the superior craftsmanship from the pioneering range of water purifiers, Aqua guard Designa suffice all your requirements related to a water purifier. The compact shape and beautiful looks of the purifier makes your kitchen more attractive.

When you look at water purifier price in India, you will find how economical this model is. This model is capable of purifying water from any source.

It has in-built smart energy saving mode which automatically turns off the purifier when the water tank is full. It also saves RO UV water purifier in case of drastic voltage fluctuations.

The storage capacity of this water purifier is 6 litres. The storage tank assures you that you will get water even at the times of power cut.

Aqua Guard Designa works at a power of 25V.


  • Installation of this product is simple and easy. It does not even take too much time.
  • Both quality and design of this product is amazing.
  • The unit is backed with 30 years of experience of Company.


  • The customer care support is not good.

Kent Maxx 7-litres UV water purifier with detachable water storage tank

The electrical purifier with storage tank Kent Maxx provides double purification to remove all the contaminants and micro-organisms from the water. A 7 litre storage tank is adjoined with the water purifier that allows you to drink water any time you want.

The Kent water purifier is CE and ISI certified. It meets all the requirements of the testing standards. The unit is made of ABS plastic which is food grade and non-toxic. The quality of the plastic assures its good quality, durability and long life.

It uses UV and UF technology to make water fit for drinks. The 11-watt power UV lamp kills all the bacteria, virus and protozoa. The filter change alarm and UV fail alarm are a part of Kent water purifier service. Get it services immediately when the alarms notify you.

Kent Maxx consist of built-in SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) which can handle a wide range of voltage (from 100V to 300V).

The functioning of this water purifier is totally autonomous. It does not need any human interference. The push fit components of the Kent water purifier are leakage proof.


  • No essential minerals are removed from the water.
  • The end product tastes so well.
  • Installation is very simple and easy.


  • It is not RO.
  • It needs service quite frequently.

Livpure Glo Touch UV + UF + RO + Taste enhancer water purifier

This RO+UV water purifier is one of the ideal water purifier for home use. The most trusted brand is loaded with some amazing features. It is a sum of 3 features in total: RO, UV and mineralizer. With the production capacity of 12 litre water in 1 hour, this water purifier is in huge demand.

You might fall in love with the attractive looks of the purifier. The best designed body is coated with aluminum that makes it more attractive. It is elegant and super-sleek.

The UV + RO + Mineralizer works on this 7-stage purification technology that leads to healthy and pure potable water. The 7-filtration stages are: sediment filter, pre-activated carbon, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, silver impregnated post-carbon filter and mineralizer. It removes all the contaminants, bacteria and virus from the water. It can work with water up to 1500 TDS.

The purifier works on a minimal power of 24 V. It is accompanied by 1-year brand warranty against manufacturing defects and 2 year free preventive maintenance services.

The digital display gives tank full indication.


  • With all the advanced features, it is a budget friendly option.
  • The body of the purifier is made from non-toxic, food grade material.
  • Taste of water is very good.


  • It is hard to use it at night. There is no glow light.
  • Water wastage rate is very high.

HUL Pure it advanced RO + UV 5-litres water purifier

A guarantee to provide you water as safe as boiled one, Hindustan Unilever Pure it advanced should be used the same specified in the manual. The best RO purifier in India is constructed from some engineering grade plastic.  This material is highly durable and super stylish. The food grade quality material is easy to clean and maintain.

The TDS controller unit of the RO water purifier brings TDS down by 90% and makes the water safe for drinking purposes. It can withstand water with hardness up to 1800 TDS and can turn it into sweet and tasty.

The 6-stage water purifying technology of the RO water filter destroys all the microorganisms and bacteria. It also removes all kind of contamination. The 6 technologies are: Pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, post carbon sediment filter, reverse osmosis membrane, micro filtration/ UV chamber and Post RO carbon filter.

Pure it advances gas a storage capacity of 5 litres which is adequate for a medium-sized family. As soon as the water is drawn from the storage tank, the purifier starts working automatically.

When you will look at RO purifier price list, you will observe how economical this product is.


  • All the fittings of the water purifier are leak proof. You will never need any extra clippings and leak detectors.
  • It is really very easy to install this purifier.
  • The power efficient purifier also comprises advance voltage fluctuation guard.


  • Service is pathetic.


Top 3 Best water Purifiers under 10000

Gone are the days when water purifiers were the part of elite kitchens only. Budget is an important factor when the buyer wants to buy water purifier. Various companies have come up with budgeted models with updated techniques so that each individual can reach them. This list includes top 3 water purifiers for home that price below 10k.

Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-litres water purifier

This is a water purifier without electricity that guarantees clean and safe water to your family. The elegant looks and a soothing combination of white and grey color improve the look of your kitchen.

Whirlpool destroyer offers 5-stage water purification that helps you to lead a hygienic life. It purifies water with 5 pre-filter and 4-in-one EAT filter. EAT filter is a revolutionary technique that stands for Electro Adsorption technique. It provides you with the power and benefits of 4 filters in one physical filter. This technique retains the essential minerals that are required by human body during the filtration process.

The next appreciable feature is its water saving capacity. It does not waste a single drop of water and ends up saving 16000 litre of water per year.

The functioning of this purifier is equally comparable to RO. You need to count upon the energy and cost savings you will make with the help of this RO. Moreover, you will get water at the time of power cuts as well.


  • The initial cost of the water purifier machine is very low and so is its maintenance cost.
  • The working of this water purifier is gravity based and it works well with high pressure.


  • Whirlpool destroyer does not make any difference to the presence of heavy metals or bacteria and virus.
  • There is no change in the taste of water. It tastes as normal as bore water.
  • The replacement of cartridge costs too high.

Kent Ultra wall mountable UV water purifier, 60 L per hour purification capacity

An electric RO without storage, Kent ultra wall mountable UV water purifier is made from food grade plastic. The peppy blue color of the UV unit becomes a corner of attraction in your kitchen. Loaded of with 1 year of warranty and 3 years of free service the water purifier works on UV (Ultraviolet) technology.

The UV technology of the water purifier guarantees you contamination and micro organisms’ free drinking water. It contains a high power 11 V UV lamp that kills all the bacteria and virus. Along with the UV lamp it also comprises UV fail alarm that notifies the user at once the lamp stop working. This way the purifier ensures that you never get unhealthy water.

The CE and ISI tested best water purifier under 10000, Kent UV water purifier meets all the requirements of standard testing.

The UV water purifier is built from ABS plastic which is totally non-toxic. It ensures a longer life and durability of the water purifier.

The water purifier has built-in SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) which protects the machine while voltage fluctuation. The fully automated feature of the purifier makes sure that the process is carried on automatically and no manual interference is required.


  • The water purifier has nice and decent looks. The device is compact and sleek too.


  • It does not have a storage tank and the flow of water is very slow. A motor can improve your its flow rate.

Eureka Forbes Amrit 20-litres water purifier

Eureka Forbes Amrit helps you to get rid of your daily struggle of providing clean and healthy water to your family. It removes all the harmful elements from the water either it is natural bacteria or chemical compounds. The purification system of this water purifier for home ensures a non-chemical cleaning process and saves you from the mess of boiling water each time.

Made from high-quality, food grade, non-toxic plastic, the water tank of the purifier keeps your water fresh. It keeps away all the dust and bacteria from the water.

The powerful patented technology of Kitanu magnet removes most of the germs, bacteria and virus. Because it does not contain any chemicals, it is totally safe for human consumption. The unique water purifier is equipped with auto shut-off feature and shuts down automatically when it notices any internal malfunction.

The total storage capacity of the filter is 20 L which is adequate for your daily consumption.

Installing this water purifier is very simple and you do not need any professional help for this. It is advised to change the cartridge frequently if you want the purest water each time.

The Company provides a warranty of 6 months on this unit. The gravity based water purification technology of the purifier is the simplest form to get clean water.


  • The design is simple, innovative and easy to use.
  • It works well in the absence of electricity as well.


  • The cartridge of the purifier is quite expensive.
  • Sometimes, the joints or taps may leak.

Compare water purifier and water purifier price in India

There are a wide number of water purifier brands in India. Kent, Eureka Forbes, Tata Swachh, Livpure etc are a few popular brands. A few water purifiers work offine while other need electricity to run. To compare the Kent RO water purifier price with Aqua guard or Livpure is not an easy task. One needs to go through a water purifier review to take a decision.

Aqua guard water purifier price list can be takes as a benchmark to check the water purifier price in India.

A few water purifiers are loaded with so many advanced features that the resulted TDS is even better than the TDS level in Bisleri water.

Some of the purifiers work on e-boiling or gravity technology while others use RO+ UV + UF + Mineralizer/ TDS techniques. Some remove contamination only while others remove contamination along with bacteria, virus or protozoa.

Kent RO Vs Aqua guard RO

Choosing a right water purifier is not an easy task. There are multiple factors that may affect your choice. Before buying a water filter for your home it is important to look for the nature of water supply, purification processes, maintenance, usable quality etc.

Comparing the features and technical specifications of two leading brands of water purifier is an interesting task. We have enlisted a few differences between Kent Vs Aqua guard.

  • The Kent RO water purifier price list when compared with Aqua guard RO water purifier price list, you will find that the prices of Aqua guard products is on a slightly higher side.
  • Kent RO filter have TDS controllers while Aqua guard water purifiers don’t.
  • Both have water storage capacities.
  • The power consumption and UV lamp power of both the brands are almost equal.
  • Both are backed up with equal warranties of 1 year.
  • The body of the Kent RO filters is made from non-toxic, food safe ABS plastic while Aqua guard water filters are made from food grade plastic.
  • Most of the Kent purifiers have filter change and UV fail alarm but Aqua guard water purifiers do not possess any such feature.
  • The purification capacity of Kent water purifiers is known while Aqua guard water filters do not give any such data. The purification capacity of Kent water filters is 15 L per hour.
  • Kent RO purifiers can filter a maximum of 75 litres of water per day. No such figure is available for Aqua guard filters.


  • Both RO and UV water purifiers need electricity to work.
  • RO blocks and removes all the solid contamination and bacteria from entering the water. UV water purifier kills them but is unable to remove their bodies from them.
  • RO can easily remove dissolved salts but UV is unable to do so.
  • RO membrane always has pre-filters to work with but UV works with clean water only.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What is RO water purifier?

RO is the most common and affordable way out to purify water. In this technique water is passed thru semi-permeable membrane that prevents the entry of ions and molecules other than water.

  1. What is UV, UF and TDS?

  • UV- Ultra Violet rays are the most effective method to kill germs and bacteria.
  • UF- It removes suspended water particles and molecules.
  • TDS- It literally means total dissolved solids. Metals that are dissolved in water and organic matters are known as TDS.
  1. Difference between UV and UF.

  • UV requires electricity and UF can work without electricity.
  • Water should be clear for UV but UF can work with dirty turbid water.
  • Both cannot remove dissolved salts.

You can compare the prices of different RO or UV water purifiers online and can choose the best according to your requirement.