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Water purifiers are an essential commodity these days. People are too health conscious these days. It is a compulsory thing to check for the water we consume because they pose the biggest dangers when they are not free from germs. So, keeping in mind such health hazards, some of the best producers of the water purifiers have been brought to the market.


Before going for a water purifier one must be very serious to note the RO, UV protection and the UF facilities of the purifier. Only with the presence of the RO, the TDS level of the water can be removed to any extent. It can remove materials from the dirty mud; the SPMs can be removed quite easily. The UV and the UF ca remove any virus or bacteria particles from the water and then later remove the suspended particles.

One must also check for the efficiency, holding capacity and also for the easy operation of the device.


There are a number of water purifiers in the market. But some of the best purifiers of India are as follows:

  1. Kent Grand Plus Mineral RO+UV water purifier

This purifier is popularly selected because of its wide range of features ranging from the reverse osmosis of the minerals to the 100% purified water guarantee from the manufacturer. The notable- features are listed below:

  • Easy to install, with quite easier plug & use like options
  • Can be fitted with a smaller space
  • Water storage capacity to be as high as 8 liters.
  • The level of purification is never compromised
  • Reverse osmosis of the necessary minerals
  • There is an alarm setup with the purifier which helps in giving an indication the hat the device needs replacement.
  • It uses a mineral ROTM technology.
  1. HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water

This is a specially designed purifier for the homes of India. The water purifier has a purity indicator for itself. There is also a presence of digital system to alert before the device gets out of control.

There is a combination of both the Reverse osmosis as well as the UV rays which can kill any number of viruses. The purity levels are in six stages. It is capable of removing any SPM content of eth water.

It is the best purifier for removing Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead which can make the water the best one for consumption. It can store water up to 10 liters. This is a great one for all kinds of water. But the only disadvantage with this is that the price is a bit high.

  1. LivPure Pep Pro++-

This is a great water purifier which has all the facilities like the RO, UV and the UF to give the pure water. The purification is a six-stage process and has the capability of purifying any sediment content.

It can store up to 12 liters of water and is of a beautiful design.

The above three are some of the best water purifiers that are used to remove the content of unwanted particles. Purchasing such products will kelp in given the total security for the family.


This is an important point that most people forget to bother about. This TDS refers to the content of the Total Dissolved Solids. This helps in determining the purity of the water. Te value of tee TDS for the drinking water must be optimum. If t h3elevel is 500 mg/l, it is not safe for drinking. But unfortunately, people go on consuming such water in India because it is not possible for the masses to go with expensive water purifiers. There are certain TDS like the Cadmium, Lead, and Arsenic which needs to be immediately removed because they pose more danger than the virus of the water.


Forgiving a protected supply of eth water, it is very necessary to choose for such purifiers that will give a perfectly healthy life for the family. These days the number of waterborne diseases is increasing. So, it is ideally said, “Prevention is better than cure”. So, with these products, there is never a chance of couping up with any danger.